The proportion should be :

1 tablet of MOUSTOLI No1 in every 100 kgr of must

1 tablet of MOUSTOLI No2 in every 100kgr of must

If the weather is over 28 C then you should add 1 ½ tablet of MOUSTOLI No1 and 1 tablet of MOUSTOLI No2 in every 100 kgr of must.

If you wish to hasten fermentation in a barrel of wine then you must double the proportion of tablets MOUSTOLI No2 and at the same time make some airing, that mean you should draw must from the bottom of the barrel and then pour it on again.

Regarding the proportion of OINOLI tablets:It is one tablet in every 100 kgr of white wine or 150 kgr of red wine.In case of decanting the wine to another barrel,you must add to the second barrel 1 tablet of OINOLI in every 100 kgr.(because some of the elements of the tablet are in air condition and vanish during the decanting) If you want to keep wine for many years you must add 1 tablet of OINOLI per 200kgr every six months.